There are so many ways in which your donations to PS 234 enrich our children’s lives; not the least of which is ensuring we have a robust school library and fully stocked classroom libraries.

Our new librarian, Eileen Makoff, has introduced the school to MyLibraryNYC program; A joint effort between the NYC public library systems and the DOE. The initiative gives students and educators of member schools unique access to the resources of the city’s public libraries.

From Eileen:

This program is a great solution for those of you who have mentioned to me that you just can’t keep your child or children in books or that you can’t find books that appeal to your picky reader—and all of you in between. Your child can now check out up to 50 books at a time FINE FREE from the public library (and any existing fines will be erased). For those of you who aren’t familiar with the public library, you can easily go online and request any book your child wants to be delivered to your local branch, as long as it is held somewhere in the NYPL system. This is almost as convenient as Amazon—but free. In addition, you can check out movies, download e-books and audiobooks, and access many of the NYPL databases from home.

Eileen has also been painstakingly updating our library collection to ensure we have the the most up-to-date offering. We are lucky to be able to have a school librarian, as well as, offer books for our children to enjoy and learn from. Please consider giving anything you can to help continue to support and enrich our library.

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