Did you know that the money you raise supplements the budget our principal receives from the Department of Education (DOE)?

In 2007 New York City adopted the Fair Student Funding (FSF) formula to determine public school budgets. Previously, funding was tied to teacher compensation which tended to disadvantage schools staffed by less experienced teachers at lower salaries.

Considered a ‘weighted pupil-funding model,’ schools receive money for each student enrolled. Currently we receive $4,084.80 per student, and the principal is given the discretion to spend the funds as she sees fit (within contractual limits).  You can read a much more comprehensive deep dive into FSF here.

While FSF is considered a more equitable funding model, in real terms it means that schools with more experienced teachers have less discretionary money to spend, since more of the funding must go to teachers’ salaries. Hiring more experienced teachers at higher salaries can mean hiring fewer teachers—meaning larger class size. The DOE figures funding for grades 1-5 based on 32 students in a class.

This is where your support comes into play… the PTA writes a check to the PS 234 DOE budget each year. This money gives our principal the flexibility to hire the most qualified teachers without worrying that they will cost too much money. By funding items that are necessary for the school—such as supplies, copiers, teaching aides, professional development, and more—the PTA frees up more of the DOE money for teachers’ salaries, allowing for lower class size.

Bottom line…. Without your support we would have larger class sizes and our principal would have more restrictions on her budget, so please give what you can to our Annual Appeal G!VE Campaign. Your contributions will help PS 234 remain the great school that it is today.

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