Well, the short answer is that YOU do.

As parents of PS 234 you are automatically granted membership to the PTA (a 501(c)(3)charitable organization) which gives you voting rights. The bylaws of the PTA are available on our website for review, and they are guided by larger bylaws, called the Chancellor’s Regulation A660, with oversight by the Department of Education.

In the PS 234 PTA bylaws, you’ll find details regarding how we develop the budget and how and when our membership (you) weights in and votes.

Here’s how it works:

In the spring, the outgoing Executive Board and the Budget Committee review the current budget, annual financial status, accounting, expenditures and outstanding bills and prepares a proposed budget for the next school year. The proposed budget is then presented to, and approved by, the membership (you) no later than the June PTA meeting. Again, in September, the incoming Executive Board reviews the proposed budget, presents and discusses it during the first PTA meeting. Budget amendments may be proposed at this time.

What does this mean to you? Well, as members with voting rights you can attend a PTA meeting and vote on:

  • The budget
  • Any budget amendments
  • What fundraisers we undertake
  • All expenditures of funds

So not only is the money you give critical to the day-to-day running of our school, but you are an important partner in weighing in on how our money is spent. So please contribute to our Annual Appeal G!VE campaign and please attend a future PTA meeting to have your say.


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