Congratulations PTA Member! If you are a parent or guardian with a student enrolled at PS 234, you are a member of our PTA.  No dues.  No sign-ups.  You’re in. And we need you!

You think you know what a PTA does; and some of those stereotypes might be right.  Yes, we have bake sales and monthly meetings with coffee. And yes, there are a lot of moms involved.  But the PS 234 PTA does so much more than you might expect!  We strongly believe that we HAVE to do some serious fundraising to give our children the kind of school that is not just acceptable, but extraordinary. The PTA builds community along with fundraising.  We have several community events throughout the year to bring families together.  And we have several big fundraising events to raise the money that we need. 

Why so much focus on fundraising? Unfortunately, the DOE gives minimal funding based on how many students are enrolled at our school. But when you have amazing and experienced and highly educated teachers like we do, that DOE funding is mainly used to pay teacher salaries.  It doesn’t stretch for all of the extras that make the school day dynamic and varied.  

This means that without the PTA, our students would not have:

  • Art Class
  • Chorus (in Kindergarten – 3rdgrade)
  • Instrumental Music (in 4th& 5thgrade)
  • Dance (in 5thgrade)
  • A well-stocked and organized library
  • Kids in the Game (to provide additional options, supervision and structure during yard time for all students)
  • Classroom supplies

And perhaps more significantly, our teachers would not have the professional development and on-going training opportunities that they need to continue to effectively educate our children.  The PTA pays for that too!